Monday, May 18, 2009


It's garage sale season! My daughter and I went last weekend & found some great stuff. Isn't that album the coolest thing? It cost me a whole quarter and will be a decoration in my sewing room. The prices have been really good at most sales this year so far, I hope that keeps up over the summer. Especially for my daughter as she's looking for things for her baby girl & her house. I furnished & decorated most of my house with yard sale or auction items and I'm really happy with it.

It always seemed like if I had something in mind I would find it at a sale before too long.

The day of the week towels are actually missing a couple of days, but they're so cute I don't even care! I actually use the vintage dishtowels because they seem to be softer and more absorbent than new ones. Must be Thursday was dishwashing day because she wore that one out. It's kind of funny that Wednesday, sewing day, is in perfect condition and pure white while the others are stained. I guess she must have been a quilter, no dishes were done that day at all! I actually have an older set of all the days of the week, I'll have to dig them out & show you. I won't use those, they're too precious.

I was so happy to find this book, I love old children's books, actually I love a lot of the new ones, too, but the old ones are special. Books like this could keep me busy for hours. My daughter was the same, she's still a big reader. I hope her daughter will be a reader, too.
I haven't been working on anything quilty or doing any sewing at all, it's just been too nice out most days and there's so much to do. Yesterday we went to Turkeyville, it's a place we used to take our kids. My Mom & Dad always went along, so we have a lot of good memories associated with it. They have craft shows & similar events there and a restaurant on the grounds where you can get all kinds of turkey meals. Unfortunately things aren't going as well as they used to.

We haven't been there for about 10 years, and there were probably 1/3 of the number of craft vendors and way less people than there used to be. We were also disappointed with the dinner, it used to be great, but it isn't too good anymore. I guess they thought cutting corners would help keep prices down, but I'd rather pay more and have the dinners be as good as they used to be.

They had a good variety of crafts there, but I wonder if it was worth it for the vendors to show up. The prices were good on a lot of items, but crafters usually don't make much of a profit as it is. I guess that's why there are so few vendors. We'll see if that's the case at other craft shows this year.
I bought this awesome wooden flag there. I added the raffia & metal stars, and am going to paint "God Bless America" on it. My husband likes to hang signs & decorations on his barn door, so I'm trying to get different things like this so we can change them out over the year. I also got a really cool toy for my grandbaby, I really love wooden toys and she got a big kick out of it.
There are little wooden balls in the bottom, so they clunk around as you push it and make a nice sound. I felt a little guilty though, the price was $8. I don't think you could even buy the wood for that and it has a lot of work into it.

You should check out my daughter's blog and see the great clock she got last week. We went to an estate sale and the house was like a blast from the past, complete with old mural on the kitchen wall, original appliances, even clothes that HAD to be from the 60s, they were wild. My daughter loved the 'retro' look of the kitchen, to me it was just a normal kitchen from when I was a little kid.

I found something there, I believe it's an actual Nazi era swastika armband. There are similar reproductions, but it was in with old hankies and just about every item in the house was from the 40s and 50s, so I would be surprised if they would have had a reproduction swastika armband, people of that era wouldn't be likely to have an item like that unless the man of the house brought it home from the war as a souvineer. I'm going to try to get the address of the house and do some research. If I can find the name of the man who lived there I can get on Ancestry and see if he was in the service. Or I could do it the easy way and take it to an antique show & locate someone who knows about military items. I don't in any way condone the actions of the Nazi party, but items like this are a piece of history and I find it interesting for that reason.

Not sure when I'll have quilt content again, we're trying to put in a garden. Well, actually I'm in charge of the babysitting while the younger generation helps with the garden, which is fine with me! Hopefully I'll get back in the sewing room soon though, as I have a really cute dress in mind for little Missy. Hope you all had a great weekend, I'm going to read some of your blogs now....