Thursday, June 25, 2009


First things first, the giveaway is on my daughter's blog, A Cargo of Joy, here. Which reminds me that I'm wayyyy past my 100th post AND my 1 year blogiversary so I'm really overdue for a giveaway myself. I'll have to figure out something good to make up for being so late.

I mentioned Picnik in my last post, if you're interested in free sites to alter photos, there's another one I like, Photoshop Express, it's where I altered the photo below. They have some nice options.

I love the endless number of things you can find on here. Remind me again what we did before the internet. It just cracks me up when my son calls on his cell from California (lost) so that I can get on Mapquest & give him directions. Or my Mom calls me from Florida to find the instruction book for her stove on-line so she can figure out how the self-cleaning option works. I feel kind of bad for the kids that are growing up with it because to them it's just always been there, they might not realize just how amazing it all is.

Back to quilty stuff: I finished up my Bunny Hill, A Tisket, A Tasket block for June. I didn't think I was going to get it done before the end of the month, and I really don't want to get behind on the BOMs. The bird shows up better in real life, but I need to fix the eye, the bead isn't really showing up too well. Birdie needs a neck bow, too, but I didn't have the right color so he'll just have to wait until I can do some ribbon shopping.

Guess I'd better go get ready for the quilt show tomorrow (yea!). It's supposed to be 85 degrees, guess I'd better pack some extra water. Hope I can get some good quilt pics to post!


Blogger Gwendie said...

Cute BOM block.

I feel the same way - I grew up with typewriters, mimeograph machines, and libraries. My DD in her mid-20's just got her Master's in Library Science and opted for the book side rather than the tech side. Good for her! But I don't want to go back to the days before the internet. I feel lost without it. And don't you dare take my digital camera away!

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