Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sweet Pickle

Isn't he cute? I took a walk through a local craft mall while my husband was getting his hair cut & found this little guy. I'll have to check back for more veggies so I can use them in the garden, though I would have picked up this little guy, garden or not. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be Larry the Cucumber of Veggie Tales.

It was a good news/bad news day. I had to go to physical therapy about pain in my hip and ankles. X-rays showed spondylosis, which they tell me basically means I have arthritis. So at least it's not something worse, but it is something that will just get worse over time and can't be cured. At least with physical therapy I can strengthen the right muscles & that should help a lot. They already told me a lot more than my regular doctor knew, it's nice to find someone who can answer your questions.

I haven't felt much like quilting lately, hard to believe, but it happens. We've been spending more time outside, enjoying the nice weather, working in the garden, grilling out when the weather allows. However, I did get started stenciling the cupboard in our bathroom last weekend. I thought I'd breeze right through it, but the smaller stencils take a lot longer, especially if you want to use 3 different colors. I really like the stencil, it's exactly what I wanted.

I've also been doing some embroidery, I like to have something to work on in the evenings. I found this pair of pillowcases last week at a yard sale, I like the picture, but it's a LOT of embroidery. I guess it wouldn't be if I made bigger stitches, but that's not how I roll (ha!). I have a pile of things like this to embroider that I've bought over the years so I really need to get more of them done. Hopefully my kids will like some of these so I can make a few as Christmas gifts & kill two birds with one stone (geez, that's an awful saying, isn't it?).

I'll finish up with more pictures of quilts from Lolly's in Shipshewana, enjoy!


Blogger sewprimitive karen said...

Very sorry to hear of your arthritis; am wondering what exercises they have you doing. Beautiful stenciling; I just love stenciling. And the embroidery is so pretty...a vintage pillowcase? And of course Pickle on a Stick is irresistible.

2:58 AM  

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