Thursday, July 09, 2009


Not much sewing has been going on, but we've been making lots of jam! We have a bumper crop of black raspberries this year & my hubby was sweet enough to bundle up and brave the wilds (and the mosquitoes) to pick them. My daughter & I also visited a local orchard and picked lots of tart & sweet cherries, so we're getting a good start on filling up our freezers with jam. And we still have lots of fruits to go!

Since I haven't any new quilt work to show, I thought I'd show some of my vintage linens, just a couple for today. My mother-in-law was passing on some linens a while back & I ended up with one of these, and my daughter with the other. My daughter was kind enough (I think she got tired of all the weeping and begging) to give me the other.
I'm not sure how these were to be used, but I believe they would sit on top of a pillow when the bed was made up. The look like pillowcases and are the same size, but don't have a back. It seems to be a common design, I've seen it a few times before, but it does seem a bit of an odd sentiment to stitch up for decorating the home, doesn't it?

I should take some pictures of the veggie garden soon (I think we'll have enough veggies to feed the entire county) but in the meantime here's a picture from another garden. I love monarda, especially the red. I bought plants a couple of years in a row that were supposed to be red, and when they bloomed I was disappointed to find they were actually purple. Finally I have red bee balm & plenty of it!

I hope you're all enjoying your summer, or whatever season you happen to be in at the moment. I'm falling behind on my blog reading, but we're supposed to have some rainy days coming so I hope to catch up!


Blogger Taiya said...

Can you separate bee balm out? Or do I need to just get seeds? Because it's really pretty and I would love to put some at my house!

7:29 PM  
Blogger Mrs Quilty said...

Love jam! Looks yummy! Enjoy your blog..........come visit me.

8:10 AM  
Blogger Mrs Quilty said...

Border collies are wonderful and am so sad you lost yours....even if it's been awhile, you never stop missing them! They are so smart and Murphy is really an obedient, compliance dog....easy to have around!!! He loves to chase Nico and that's is our best entertainment some evenings! Have a good day!

9:08 AM  
Blogger anareis said...

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5:27 AM  

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