Thursday, July 02, 2009

More Quilt Show

Here are more pictures from the quilt show in Shipshewana, Indiana. I tried to be so careful about getting the information on the quilts, but I'm sorry to say I missed the boat on this one. Isn't it a beauty, though?
This is Shades by Marilyn Peters of Kendallville, Illinois. I love the colors she chose for this, lovely.

This is another Barbara Perrin quilt, Empty Nest-Two. I wish I'd measured those squares, they're pretty darn small. I did take a pic with my hand held up for comparison, but the picture looked pretty dorky, so I left that out. Another amazing quilt.

A little closer....

This is a close-up of the border. Wow.

My full sized picture of this one didn't turn out, but my daughter has a picture of it on her blog. I wanted to show you these close-ups, though. It's 9-Patch Strip Tease by Doris Goins of Kendallville, Indiana.

This is another quilt by Barbara Perrin, Sunburst Serenade. Wow again.
This is Paisley Stars by Cheryl Baker of Middlebury, Indiana. Love the colors on this one, and the paisley, of course.

This is Batik A La Zig Zag by Nancy Scott of Berne, Indiana. Batiks are so great.

My daughter showed this one on her blog, but I wanted to post my close-ups of it. It's not at all my kind of colors & I'm not too into modern art, but on closer inspection I was knocked out by this one.

Check out this hand quilting, yowsa! It was made by Michele Shepherd of South Bend, Indiana, a wedding gift for her nephew.

Another close-up of Still Water.

This is a close-up from the quilt Past-Time Ladies by Fay Mack & Debbie Van Kuiken of Villa Park, Illinois. The full quilt is on my daughter's blog. I wish I'd taken picures of every block.
One kind of strange thing that happened was when I looked through my viewfinder at the Boston Commons quilt, the purples were all blue! I've never had that happen before. Weird.
And I'll finish up with a couple of pictures of the vendor's area. Hope you enjoyed the show, I sure did!


Blogger Betweens said...

what a show thank you so so much.. the quilting and the piecing.. oh again thanks what a great way to put anyone back into the quilting mood..

1:05 AM  
Blogger sewprimitive karen said...

Thank you for posting, love the modern one and especially the first one. The quilting in these quilts you show, unbelievable!

2:53 AM  
Blogger Gwendie said...

That modern quilt is really hand quilted???? O.M.G.o.s.h. I'm just blown away. Totally.

Thanks for posting the pictures.

My jaw is still dropped.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Dorothy said...

The quilt show photos are wonderful Sue. Thank you for sharing them with us.
You are right, that is an amazing quilt! The trapunto on the quilt is incredible.

5:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:21 PM  

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