Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where is August going so fast? -and I won!

I won the coolest bag on the Blackbird Designs blog giveaway! I'm going to link you to their pic since mine didn't turn out nearly as nice as theirs. It's really awesome, and I want to thank them again since it's so nice of them to have great giveaways like this. If you haven't seen their blog you should definitely check it out.

The summer is just flying by. Honesty, it feels like it should be the end of June and it's crazy to think that it's almost fall. The bowl of peaches is to give you an idea of what's been keeping me busy. I haven't made jam or done canning in years, but my daughter wanted to and with the economy the way it is I thought I'd get some things put up, too. Plus, I can teach my daughter a few things that I've learned along the way (and unload a ton of canning jars!).

Then there is the matter of the overly huge garden that my DH planted this year(!). It's done really well and we've had way more veggies than we could eat. We've given away a ton and there's still more growing. Right now we're enjoying the green beans and sweet corn, it's so great to go out to the garden and pick dinner, I wish we could do that all year.

That jar in front is strawberry/peach, SO good, I have to say. I'm about done with the jam, I've made black raspberry, sweet cherry, tart cherry, peach, apple cinnamon, and strawberry peach. The freezer is about full. DH is so happy, he loves having all that jam sitting there waiting for him. I've also frozen beans, squash, corn & some peach pie filling. That will all help keep the grocery bill down this winter. Unfortunately everything didn't turn out, the cool & wet weather caused some weird tomato fungus that's killing off the vines, so I'm not sure what the tomatoes will do. I've tried spraying them, but the stuff you spray for the fungus is so lethal and has to be sprayed weekly, so I'm just not going to keep using it. Next year we'll have to check for more resistant types of tomatoes. I'm trying to find some kind of vegetable garden planner program on-line, but haven't had much luck. The ones I've found want you to pay $20-25 annually, and that's too much for me. Considering that I've bought some very complex games for less that $20, that seems really expensive for something as simple as a garden planner. No big deal, I kind of like planning with good old pencils and paper anyway.

I hope you're all having a happy summer, I haven't been keeping up with my blog reading so I'm in the dark about what's going on elsewhere!

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Still having great summer weather here in Michigan! We have some hot days in the forecast for this weekend, but I'm just enjoying the days as they come & today is about perfect. This picture is of the daylilies along our driveway, they're so beautiful right now.

I was really late getting my 2 blocks of the month done, just been too busy doing other things. Glad I finally got around to it, though, I don't want to get behind or I may never finish them. I wasn't sure about keeping the sashing this color, but I'm still mulling it over. It's darker than the other sashing I've used, but I may mix up that color in the quilt in other places, it's kind of growing on me. This is Gail Pan's design,
A Christmas Wish, just in case you haven't seen it before.

Also completed (well, almost) my Bunny Hill, A Tisket A Tasket block. I'm still digging through my fabrics for a tiny fabric flag for the sheep to hold & am waiting to put buttons on until the quilt is completed. I'm making some changes to the blocks here & there to suit myself, such as not using words on the blocks. I noticed that my pics are all wonky, I must be having a crookedy day.

Our garden is doing really well, except for a problem with something killing a number of plants. I've sprayed, and it doesn't seem to make a difference to I'm wondering if it's moles eating the plants from the bottom or something. Fortunately we have more than we need so it's not hurting production much. We've been eating squash & beans practically every day and my daughter is still taking bag loads of veggies away every day to give away. I think we're feeding half the county, ha! Can't wait for the sweet corn & melons, yummm!

Hard to believe it's August, I wish the summer wouldn't fly by so quickly.

Before I close I have a favor to ask. I have a good friend (Pat) who has had breast cancer that was successfully treated, and now it may be back on the other side. Right now they're doing all the tests to determine what's going on. She's one of the nicest people you would ever meet, if you're a praying person please send up a prayer for her.