Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hard to believe it's here already, but so far fall is being very kind. We're still having beautiful weather, hope it keeps up.
I've actually been doing some sewing, I just completed this quilt top. I've had these blocks for a while, they were from the $5 block class at a local quilt store. I like this one. As usual I'm not thrilled with all the fabrics they chose (a couple of the blocks are much brighter than the rest) but I didn't feel like doing any of the blocks over and I'm happy with the end product. I won't be quilting this for a while, but I feel better at least having it put together.

I sort of got another block done in the Bunny Hill A Tisket A Tasket block of the month, except that I almost completely changed the block. I love Anne's designs, but I just wasn't into the cupcake design, so I decided on a big sunflower. The button is going to change, but it's pretty similar to what I want there. I was really late on this one, I already have a new on to get to work on!

I also finished last month's A Christmas Wish block by Gail Pan Designs. There's only one left and I can start putting this one together, hopefully in time so that it can be a Christmas gift for someone this year.

It looks all wonky, but it's actually just fine! I hate how photos come out that way sometimes.

We had a day in Shipshewana, Indiana this week. They get kind of busy this time of year, but we went on Monday so it wasn't busy & we got to just amble around & enjoy ourselves without all the crowds. Our daughter & grandbaby went along, too.

I don't remember if I've posted a picture of this (below) before. I love this quilt block on the side of one of the major buildings in town (the one that hosts the Lolly's Fabric store, one of my favorites). I've made something similar for our place, except a lot smaller, but we don't have it hung up yet. We haven't quite figured out how to hang ours up, wish I could get up there and see how they did it!

Things are finally slowing down a bit around here so hopefully I'll be posting more. I guess I shouldn't say that, we have several cords of firewood to get cut and stacked and the cold weather will be here soon! I'm really hoping for a nice long, mild fall. I've been told that our cooler summer weather will make for a really colorful fall, can't wait!