Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Finally! I've been gone so long mostly because of computer troubles, and I've really missed blogging and keeping up on the blogs I like to read. I had so many problems and repairs on my HP Pavilion laptop that they finally sent me a brand new one. I would have preferred the cash-out, but that was their decision to make. Guess I shouldn't have mentioned to them that everyone I know was telling me "Get a Mac!". Anyway, I'm back for now and keeping my fingers crossed! Unfortunately the new computer has Windows Vista, so I'm waiting to find out what problems that will present.

I missed a lot of the Christmas fun, when I got back on Google Reader I had over 800 blog posts to read (!) so I glanced over quite a few posts! At least I got more time in on crafty things for the last couple of months, not having a computer too handy really freed up some time.
This is a santa that I carved for my oldest son for Christmas. I have another one carved that I haven't painted yet, I'll take pics of that one soon. I really enjoy carving, I hope to do more of it this year. Sometimes I get so involved with quilting that everything else goes by the wayside.

I finished up the hand quilting on the quilt for my grand-daughter, too. It's been so dark and gloomy here that I haven't had a chance to get pictures yet, but I will soon.
I'm going to get back to re-loading everything on my new computer (again), it takes a while. Hopefully this will be the last time I'll have to do that for a long, long time.


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