Sunday, March 07, 2010


One thing about Michigan, you really learn to appreciate the sun when it finally starts showing up. It's been so dreary for so long, but the last week has been great. Not really that warm, but close to 50 a couple of days, around here that's pretty great for this time of year.

I've actually been getting a little sewing done. Not too much, my back seems to be showing some improvement & I'm not going to push it too far. I finally got a new bag done, my old one was getting extremely ratty. I'm really happy with this one, as usual it's got tons of pockets and I really love the batiks I found for it. I don't usually use a pattern, it's a lot easier just to do my own thing and even if I follow a pattern I end up tweaking things to suit myself.

I got to visit a new quilt store on Friday. It's really a nice shop, if you're ever near Lake Odessa, Michigan you should check it out. It's called Friend's Quilting Basket and it's on the main drag in Lake O, so you can't miss it. I was remiss & didn't get any pictures, I was too busy getting dragged all over by a certain little 2 year old and trying to grab some fabric when I got the chance. I'm sure I'll be going back and will get some pictures then, it's a really nice shop & I loved the fabrics they had there. It's in one of those great old Michigan small town stores with the wooden floors and tall ceilings, so cool. I really HAVE to go back, because there was a great looking antique shop across the street & I didn't even have the energy to get started in there. I would also recommend Penny's Pizza a couple of doors down, very good pizza.
At least I did get a picture of the goods I bought there, just little odds & ends for some projects I have in mind & a cute little plaque by Kelly Rae Roberts.