Monday, June 28, 2010

Shipshewana quilt show!

Last weekend was the 2nd annual Shipshewana quilt show. My daughter & I went and even brought the new grandbaby so we could introduce her to the quilt world right off, ha! The quilt with the ships was made by Martha Snyder, and it won Best of Show. It's an amazing quilt, so beautifully made!
It's called "Ladies of the Sea".

Sorry that I wasn't able to get pictures of the full quilts in most cases, there wasn't a lot of room to back up, I was fortunate to get these shots without people in them in most cases. One thing I really like about this show is that many of the quilt are hand quilted. There were more quilts overall this year, though I think there were more machine quilted than last year.

The applique on this was very well done and it had fine hand quilting, just look at those tiny stitches!

This state bird and flower quilt was really a work of art, each bird was meticulously embroidered & stuffed, very nicely done. Of course I had to get a shot of the Michigan block.
Another example of some fine hand quilting. I prefer hand quilting but am really impressed with some machine quilting, too. Some quilts just need to be hand quilted, though, in my opinion. I hate to see an antique quilt top machine quilted, and there were several quilts in this show that I think would have been so much better if they had been quilted by hand.

That's my daughter & new grandbaby in the shot, I was TRYING to include them, but she scooted over at the last minute, thinking I wouldn't want them in the pic.
This redwork quilt was really charming, she did some really nice little extra touches inbetween the blocks, little floral motifs, spiderwebs & etc. Each block was a work in itself, this must have take quite a bit of time.

My grandbabies are over for a visit so I'll have to continue this later!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New grandbaby!

This little bit of sweetness was born June 5th, weighing 9 lb 12 oz! She looks a bit like her big sister, but with darker hair. Love those chubby cheeks!

When we went to the hospital to see her for the first time there was a big storm with a tornado warning so we were stuck in the tunnel below the hospital until about 1AM with a lot of other people, so I think we'll remember that night especially well.

I just finished decorating a jacket for her, it's an 18 month size so she won't be wearing it for a while, but I was just in the mood to do something like that. Her big sister saw it and really took a liking to it, so I'll have to make her one, too. I tend to pick up things like this at yard sales, so I have a pile of bibs & jackets to play with.

I did some embroidery and added some beads to snazz it up a bit. The fabrics are from Moda's Charisma line, I just love these fabrics.

Have you ever seen one of these? I was shopping in a small town near here today and found a cute little shop with teas & kitchen items. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it's such a cool idea! It will save me a lot of hassle, no more trying to wrestle aluminum foil around the edge of the pie. Guess I'm a bit of a kitchen geek.

Friday, June 04, 2010


June already, I hate how the best parts of the year fly by. It hasn't been my best spring ever because of some health issues, but things are getting better every day so I'm not complaining. We've had some absolutely beautiful weather in the last month, yesterday was one of those picture perfect days that you wish you could just save and have every day of the year. Things are blooming everywhere so it's fun just to drive around and check out the flowers and trees.

And I have a new grandbaby due any day. Overdue actually, I think she's very comfortable where she is. I recently finished the quilt in the picture for her. The blocks are mostly old redwork patterns, some that I found in books and some that I saw online at auctions for old redwork quilts. I tried to use appropriate repro fabrics. Kind of wish it would have been a bit more colorful, but it was hard to find reds in the colors that I wanted. I wanted deep reds, not pinkish or brownish colors, so this is what I ended up with, and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

I love the old redwork quilts, with their very whimsical and sweet pictures, things that a young child can easily identify with. It's all hand quilted, hopefully it will hold up many years to come. I'm sure little Missy, who's now two, will have fun talking about the animals & balloons on there, she's very into animals lately.

Another thing I love about this time of year is garage sales. I haven't been to too many, for some reason I can't sleep like a normal person & am usually up until the wee hours, so it's about impossible to get up and hit the sales early. I have managed to hit a few, though, and found this treasure last week. Isn't he great? He's a nut cracker from around 1900, from what I've seen online these sell from $250-400, and I picked him up for $2. Woot! He needs some cleaning up, but I think he'll look great in our old house.
I'm really trying not to pick up too many things in garage sales anymore, of course I'm always on the lookout for old fabrics & things for the grandbabies, but my house is so full of 'stuff' that I need to have a big sale myself and get rid of the things we don't use or need. I can't resist old items like this though, I always wonder about the people who owned and used these items and what their everyday lives were like. I guess someday someone will look at my quilts and wonder the same things.

I hope you're all enjoying your spring, or whatever season you're in right now!