Monday, June 28, 2010

Shipshewana quilt show!

Last weekend was the 2nd annual Shipshewana quilt show. My daughter & I went and even brought the new grandbaby so we could introduce her to the quilt world right off, ha! The quilt with the ships was made by Martha Snyder, and it won Best of Show. It's an amazing quilt, so beautifully made!
It's called "Ladies of the Sea".

Sorry that I wasn't able to get pictures of the full quilts in most cases, there wasn't a lot of room to back up, I was fortunate to get these shots without people in them in most cases. One thing I really like about this show is that many of the quilt are hand quilted. There were more quilts overall this year, though I think there were more machine quilted than last year.

The applique on this was very well done and it had fine hand quilting, just look at those tiny stitches!

This state bird and flower quilt was really a work of art, each bird was meticulously embroidered & stuffed, very nicely done. Of course I had to get a shot of the Michigan block.
Another example of some fine hand quilting. I prefer hand quilting but am really impressed with some machine quilting, too. Some quilts just need to be hand quilted, though, in my opinion. I hate to see an antique quilt top machine quilted, and there were several quilts in this show that I think would have been so much better if they had been quilted by hand.

That's my daughter & new grandbaby in the shot, I was TRYING to include them, but she scooted over at the last minute, thinking I wouldn't want them in the pic.
This redwork quilt was really charming, she did some really nice little extra touches inbetween the blocks, little floral motifs, spiderwebs & etc. Each block was a work in itself, this must have take quite a bit of time.

My grandbabies are over for a visit so I'll have to continue this later!


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