Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have a few leftover pictures from Shipshewana to share. The above is from a garden behind one of the shops near downtown Shipshewana, I believe the store is called De Vine now, it's changed recently so I'm not sure. If anyone knows what this plant is I'd like to know, it's beautiful (and huge)!

This is on the porch outside of Lolly's fabric store. They don't usually hang quilts outside, this is there because of the quilt show. I love that old bike, I need to find some kind of basket for mine so I can hang flowers on it.

This Broken Star quilt is in the Lolly's Quilt store. Lolly's has three (!) stores in the main building in town; one is chock full of quilts for sale (hand quilted by Amish and Mennonite ladies I believe) and is also a Lang store, one sells fabrics, patterns, books & the usual things you'd expect in a large fabric store, and downstairs they have a store where they sell the 'outdated' fabrics for $5.95 a yard. There are a lot of great fabrics down there so if you ever visit Shipshewana, don't miss the basement store.
This porch just outside the main floor Lolly's has a row of rocking chairs & is a great place to sit and rest in the shade after you're all worn out from that fabric buying spree!

Check out the hand quilting on this quilt! I love scrappy quilts. Below is another pic from the walk-through garden.

I thought the mini-horse below was cute, but didn't notice the Wells Fargo sign until I had the pics on my computer. Small town Wells Fargo delivery wagon- ha!

And, last but not least, a couple of pics to prove that I'm actually getting some work done. I finally finished the last block from the Tisket A Tasket quilt from Bunny Hill Designs. Now I need to get to work putting the top together.
And here is the top that I've put together from the free blocks of the month from Gail Pan, called A Christmas Wish. It was fun working on both of these projects, I'm enjoying doing some embroidering along with quilting. Though I really DON'T want to be thinking about Christmas, summer is rolling by too fast as it is!


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It`s an Alice Oak Leaf Hydrangea. I have one and they are gorgeous If you have a chance in the fall go back the leaves turn to fall colors and the stem turns orange over the winter.
Love the gorgeous quilts on display as well you are very fortunate to visit

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