Monday, July 05, 2010

More Shipshewana quilt show....

I'll start with Barbara A. Perrin since her work is amazing & she also lives in a nearby town, Pullman, MI. Hope I can meet her someday. Just look at that quilting!

The pictures can't do justice to this quilt, I'm not sure how far her quilts travel, but hopefully you'll be able to see her work in person someday. She named this quilt Jamie's Jubliee, she hand appliqued it and it's machine quilted. The pattern is by Jane Lohmar, from the Leisure Arts book, Great American Quilts 1998.

Next is Garden Scraps by Delores Keaton of Pacific, Missouri. It was quilted by Sandi Wagner.

Next up is a quilt made by Charlotte Smith of Zanesville, Ohio. She calls it Shanon's flowers. She found the pattern at the library, but didn't give any more information about it. She designed the border, machine pieced the blocks, then hand quilted and embroidered the quilt. It's really unique, her embroidery adds a nice touch.

Next up is an applique quilt by Sandra Corbett of St. Lousiville, Ohio, it's called Flowers From My Garden. It was quilted by Cheryl Lorence, the pattern was by Lori Smith.

This is so pretty and wonderfully quilted as well. As someone who always has a hard time picking sashing & border colors, I'm really impressed with how perfect everything goes together here. I'm sure this brightens up whatever room it's in. I just love quilts like this next one, colorful scrap quilts are definitely one of my favorite things. Though I had plenty to love at this quilt show, they really did such a great job finding outstanding quilts. I've never been to a really large quilt show, someday I'd really like to get to Chicago and see what a huge quilt show is like, but of the shows I've been to I think Shipshewana has by far been the best. This quilt was made by Lois Dunten of LaGrange, Indiana. It was quilted by Lorene Miller. She said it was designed following a charm quilt seminar by Jinny Beyer in 1998. There are over 1,100 triangles in this quilt.

That's all for today, but I still have more pics to share another day!


Blogger Edna said...

The quilting on that Jubilee quilt is amazing. Wonder if its done by long arm or regular machine?

9:24 PM  
Blogger Jeanne said...

Thank you for sharing parts of the quilt show, especially the one from Barb. She is a fabulous quilter and the nicest person.

8:06 AM  
Blogger Quilting Queen said...

great pics, thanks for sharing. I DO enjoy looking at quilt show pics. Amazing quilting and quilts.

10:40 AM  

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