Sunday, July 18, 2010

One last post of quilt show pics~

This very unique quilt is called Woven Wind Flowers and was made by Delores Keaton of Pacific, Missouri and quilted by Sandi Wagner. The quilt is made of recycled quilt blouses from thrift shops. Here's a close-up....

This is A Day At The Lake by Beverly Schacht of Portage, Michigan for her grandson. It was quilted by Patti Bradtke. The fabrics and colors are so perfect for this pattern & she did such a nice job on the applique.

Here's a closer look- This next quilt, called Granny's Garden was made and quilted by Jane Stamper of Francisco, Indiana. Her blog is Just Plain Jane Quilts.
Beautiful quilt, and the quilting is amazing.
This next one is another "WOW" quilt by Barbara A. Perrin of Pullman, Michigan. It's named Rich's Millennium Stars and was made for her son's graduation. It's from the pattern Legacies Of Love by Susan Garman.

I didn't have a tape measure with me, but believe me, these are little squares and there are a lot of them.

This sweet Sunbonnet Sue quilt was made and quilted by Donna Ayers of Jonesville, Michigan.
This next knock-out quilt was made by the Heritage Quilt Guild of Crown Point, Indiana and quilted by Sandy Rice. Unfortunately my picture of the entire thing didn't come out, so you'll have to get the idea from my close-ups.
It's the Heritage Guild's 2010 Charity raffle quilt and is based on an enlarged Edyta Sitar pattern. Twelve members of the guild worked on this. I'd love to be able to visit some of those guild meetings & see the guild member's quilts.

I hadn't heard of Edyta Sitar before, if you haven't seen her work you should click on her name above and check out her website. Her designs are really beautiful. I love this border design!
This wholecloth quilt won the award for best quilting & you can see why! It was made my Janet Atkins of Athens, New York, and is named Pocantico. The color isn't right, it was more yellowish, I hate when my camera does that. The quilting on this is so fine and even, I wonder how long it took to make this, it's just amazing to me. That's it for the quilt show. I have some more pics of quilts around town but I'll save them for the next post.


Anonymous Jane said...

Thank you so much for posting photos of my quilt (Granny's Garden) and for the kind comments. I was unable to see my quilt at the Shipshewana Quilt Show personally, it's so nice seeing your photos.


6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Thanks for posting a picture of "Pocantico!" It took me a year and a half to hand quilt it...I listened to a lot of books on tape while I did it.

It looks like the show had a lot of beautiful quilts.


6:19 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Janet, just in case you return here I wanted to thank you for answering my question concerning how long it took to make "Pocantico!" And thank YOU for showing your quilt so others can enjoy it, it's really an amazing quilt!

The Monomaniacal Quilter

1:52 PM  
Blogger Meggie said...

I am blown away by those gorgeous quilts! thankyou so much for sharing them with us.
How nice to see that the makers of some of these quilts have thanked you, and how interesting to know how long it took to quilt Pocantico!

11:22 PM  

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