Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yet more Shipshewana quilt show!

I still haven't run out of quilt pics from the Shipshy quilt show, so here we go! This pretty little applique wall quilt is called Jessica's Flowers, made by Linda Vreeland of Kalamazoo, Michigan (my hometown). It was quilted by Bev Anderson.

Again, I apologize for my poor photographic skills. I was trying to get shots quickly while there were no people in front of the quilts, and it seems that I'm shooting a bit crooked these days. This quilt is named Home Sweet Home, by Lois Timmons of Granville, Ohio. It was quilted by Cheryl Lorence. I love house quilts, and this one is really charming.
This quilt is named Baby Baltimore Wedding & was made and quilted as a wedding gift by Lynn Cunningham of Fletcher, North Carolina. The pattern is from the book Baltimore Elegance. Here's a close-up....

Next is another quilt by Barbara A. Perrin, this one is called My Sarah Johnson Quilt. The pattern is by Frances Quinn Hoopla, published in Enduring Grace by Celia Y. Oliver.

It's another quilt that just makes you stare and say "WOW".
I do love batiks & so of course this next quilt really appeals to me. This is called Fiesta! and was made by Meredith Yoder of Goshen, Indiana & was quilted by Jill Lilly.

This last picture is of the center piece of a quilt called Nancy's Flower Patch. It was a round robin so several ladies worked on the quilt, but Nancy of Burr Oak, Michigan appliqued and embroidered the center square.

There were a few more quilts I'd like to show you, but I'll have to save them for another day. Hope you're enjoying the quilt show!


Blogger Jeanne said...

Gorgeous! Keep 'em coming. :-)

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't know that there was a quilt show in Shipshewanna. I would have gone if I had known about it. Can you post more pics? How many quilts were exhibited? Were they of different styles? Inquiring minds want to know.

12:25 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

The Baby Baltimore is very nice. I think I will order the book.

8:54 AM  

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