Thursday, September 23, 2010

Win a GO!

Millie's Quilting is having an AccuQuilt GO giveaway, so get on over there and sign up if you'd like to win one! If you'd like a couple more chances you can also visit Karen at the Log Cabin Quilter and Kaaren at The Painted Quilt. Just be sure that you have your settings right so they will be able to contact you if you win (or just leave your e-mail).

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In a Halloween mood- already!

So glad that summer's over, all the heat and rain made it one of the worst allergy seasons in years, yuck! I'm in the mood for fall (and HALLOWEEN!). I've been reading Halloween crafty blogs, digging out my craft magazines and checking out Martha Stewart's Halloween Handbook. That woman has got it down, I have to tell you. She has some great ideas in there, and many of them are pretty simple and not very costly (which the Dutch in me really likes!).

Since our house is a bit off the road and people can't see too much, I'm going to help my daughter decorate her porch and front yard, so I've been collecting some crafty items to make some things. I got two of these wooden cats at the crafts fair at Turkeyville, Michigan last weekend. I was going to cut out my own, but for $4 for two cats, I can't beat that deal. My husband drilled out the eye holes and I bought some LED lites at Menard's today.
Spooky! Now I just need my hubby to make stakes for them, and we're all set.
I dyed a couple of Onesies orange today as well as some wool, so hopefully I'll have some more projects to show you soon. I'd like to make a couple of these
cute pumpkins from Jennifer Murphy (here's her blog, she makes lots of other adorable things, too) Now are you getting in the mood for Halloween, too?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet Win

Check out this sweet little mousie ghost that I won from Debbie at Bittersweet Pastimes! She makes all sorts of wonderful prims, but I get really excited about the Halloween items. I've already got a lot of my Halloween decorations around the house. I guess after that very hot summer we had I'm ready for fall, my favorite time of year. The trees have just started to turn here, I hope it's going to be really colorful this year.
I haven't been working on projects too much lately, but when I have something interesting to show I'll be back!