Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My buddy Pan

It has really been a sad fall/winter season for our family. Four family members have died since September. Then the night before last my dog died.

We got him last summer from a family who lived in the city and felt they couldn't take care of him as he needed and liked the idea of him living in the country. He was really skinny when we got him, but we got him to fatten up to a normal weight for his size, he was looking great. He and our other shepherd got along great and would spend hours outside running and playing together (and unfortunately chasing the cats at times).
He was so sweet natured, he would chew up anything he could find, but it was hard to get mad at him. He loved to play, every time I'd put a water dish in the back room he'd pick it up and start playing with it and throw water everywhere, he just didn't ever catch on to the idea of what it was actually for. When my husband was in the hospital getting knee surgery recently instead of running off to play with the other dogs he would walk right next to me when I went outside to do my chores.
I let the dogs out the other night and after a while I heard Pan barking excitedly for a few seconds, so I thought he was after the cats and I whistled for him & got right up to bring them in. When I got to the back door he was laying outside on the ground and was dead. It was hard for me to even understand it, it had only been less than a minute since I heard him bark. Of course I freaked out, fortunately I have some great neighbors who came down and helped me out.
We had a necropsy done, and it turns out he had liver disease. His liver was about 75% gone, so the vet was surprised that he was still eating. He was actually eating very well and showing no signs of being ill at all. The vet found that he had eaten some poisonous berries off a plant in our yard, that along with the liver disease is what killed him according to the vet. I don't know why he would have eaten those berries because the plant is really prickly and I've never seen the animals near it. The vet said he would have lived less than a year and probably suffered a lot so all in all it's a blessing that it happened the way it did.
Even though he had such a short life, I'm glad that we got him. He loved living here, and he and Kira had so much fun together. RIP, Pan.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Christmas to me!

I had a nice surprise recently, I was the winner of this beautiful stack of fat quarters from Sis Boom's raffle! It was a bright spot in an otherwise depressing time, we've had four deaths in the family in the last four months.
When I got the package my 2 year old granddaughter was here, when I opened the package up she picked up the stack, said "Pretty!" and gave it a big hug. Then she wanted to open up the pieces of fabric and look at them. It was so cute! I was definitely encouraging her to enjoy the pretties, I really hope she's a quilter someday. Someone's going to have to use up my fabric stash!
Hopefully once the Christmas rush is over I'll be able to show you some projects made from these fabrics, I'm really looking forward to working with them.
In case I don't post before then, I hope you all have a merry Christmas!