Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Just ignore it.

The new snow that's falling outside, that is. This is a photo looking out onto our deck about a week ago. I'm really all snowed out, at this point just dreaming of some warm sunshine, hope the groundhog was right about an early spring!

Being stuck at home actually has helped me get a lot of sewing done lately. I've almost completed this king sized quilt top, all it needs is the outer border, which I need to go shopping for. I'll get a better picture of the full quilt top when we get some sunshine and when I'm in the mood to slog out through the knee deep snow to find a place to hang it up. I'm really loving this quilt, but hope it isn't too wild for the lady it's intended for.

I got three more blocks of Barbara Brackman's Civil War quilt completed. I"m only showing two here because I'm not happy with the Kansas Troubles block. I hate to do it over as it took me quite a while to get done, but I probably will anyway. The background fabric that I used is too light colored, and just doesn't look right with the rest of the blocks.
I bought this book by Salley Mavor recently, supposedly for my granddaughter, but in reality it was more for me. Delightful is the best word I can think of to describe her work. You should definitely check out her blog to see more pictures of her art.


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