Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just waiting for spring

This has been such a long winter, I'm trying to 'spring' up the house a little. Also doing some much needed clearing out, taking things to Goodwill. I've been going to garage sales and collecting things for so many years, and my folks gave a lot of things when they moved to Florida, and this house is just filled up. I used to sell things on eBay from time to time, I need to start that again, and I'd like to try selling some things on etsy. That would help me use up a lot of these craft supplies and bring in some cash to help pay for the bills we're getting for my husband's recent knee replacement surgery.

I finished up this bag yesterday, it's going to be a gift for a friend. The pattern was in the new issue of Quilts and More (Spring 2011 issue). It's a really simple design, no pockets or anything, but a great basic bag, and it's reversible. I made up the small bag with the button, I like to have something like that for my phone so it's easy to get to, or it could also be used for an iPod, keys, or whatever. The fabric is Robert Kaufman Fushions, I absolutely love it. It was tough cutting into that fabric, but I need to use up more of these fabrics and not just having them piling up in my sewing room.

Here's what the magazine looks like. I also want to make that clutch in the upper right hand corner, very cute.

I got caught up on my Civil War blocks that Barbara Brackman is offering here. I'm having fun playing with the reproduction fabrics & figuring out what combinations to use. Not always so thrilled with the result, like on the Kansas Troubles block, and that was my second try! But I really like the star block, and I think when the quilt comes together it will look really good.

I'm waiting for the backing to arrive in the mail for the batik quilt I'm working on. Maybe I'll get outside today to try to get a picture of the full quilt. Things have warmed up a bit and the snow is melting, but there's a lot of mushy mud out there now. The joys of country living!
Hope you're all having a great day~


Blogger Meggie said...

I did enjoy this lovely post. Wish I was currently sewing. I love the bag, & your little addition.XX

2:59 AM  

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