Monday, April 04, 2011

April & still waiting on the sunshine

Yikes, I'd better get some clothes on these Annies, it might snow tonight! What a spring, this sort of thing is what makes us really appreciate spring in Michigan when it finally gets here. This evening is actually looking nicer than the whole rest of the day did, it's just been super gloomy all day. I hear a snow storm is on the way from Denver, hope it goes somewhere else.
Here are a couple more Annie dolls I've gotten done (look at the last post if you'd like information on the pattern). I'm still working away on the big quilt, but no sense in showing photos as it wouldn't look all that different than the last post. I'm making good progress, though.

I also got a few more of the Barbara Brackman Civil War blocks done. I skipped over the basket block somehow, definitely have to do that one!
I put the last of my Miniature Quilts magazines on eBay this week (there are three lots of 6 each), as well as some fabric and a couple of quilt books, so check out my auctions if you're interested. I'm trying out putting some pre-cut fabric pieces up to see how they do, and working on some crafts to try out on Etsy eventually.

Hope you're having a productive (and sunny!) week~


Blogger MARCIE said...

Oh your little Annies are so adorable! That had to please you to have your granddaughter claim one! Love your CW blocks also. Great fabric choices!

4:16 PM  
Blogger The Wooden Acorn said...

Love your quilt blocks and your dolls. Looks like you are having too much fun. :-)


5:48 PM  

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