Sunday, May 01, 2011


This is our new puppy, Bodhi, we just picked him up this weekend. He's such a cutie and very sweet natured. He's long haired, like our other shepherd, but he's not as fluffy as she was at the same age.

They look pretty comfortable together, don't they? Kira's been really lonely and seems happy to have a new friend, she's being very gentle with him. She's so big that I was worried that she might try to play too rough with him or accidently step on him, but she's doing great with him. She'll be glad when he gets bigger and can run and play with her like Panzer used to.

I finally finished this quilt, yay! We've been having such yucky weather that I didn't get to take a photo of it, but I hope to have a photo of the completed quilt soon. It was a king size quilt and it took me a while to hand quilt it, my fingers were getting pretty sore! So glad to have it done so I can get working on some other projects.

I did manage to get a couple more Annie dolls done, this one is for my cousin. She had asked if I could get some fabric that belonged to my Aunt Dee who died a few months ago and use it for the doll's clothes. The family didn't have any fabric from my aunt (she was a crocheter), but did have some nice old hankies, so I made the apron from one. I'm so glad my cousin had that idea.

We haven't had much spring weather yet, it's been a very gloomy, rainy spring so far with very little sunshine. Today was pretty nice, windy with a little sun here & there. We have a few things blooming, my hyacinth and tulips are out, but it's still too chilly for a lot of the plants & flowers to take off. Can't wait for the warmer weather to arrive!


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I love your quilted squares and your dogs. hugs

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