Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Everything is so beautiful here right now, it's just a matter of evading the mosquitoes & biting deer flies to get a photo or two. We were lucky, the recent bad storms hit hard around here in all directions, but our power didn't go out. The storm took down a lot of trees and there are still thousands without power.

My little Bodhi isn't so little any more. He's lucky that he's made it this far since he loves to destroy my flower beds and dig big holes in the yard. Fortunately the flowers will come back next spring, and I find it hard to get too mad at him because he's such a sweet boy.

His ears are standing up so nice now, but I kind of miss his wonky ear look. It seems like I just took the photo below. Just like kids, they grow up too fast!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

More Shipshewana quilt show pics

This lovely quilt is called Album Legacy, made by Maribeth Schmit of Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

I only have a photo of one block of the next quilt, the photo of the full quilt didn't turn out. It's called Dresden Star by Edyta Sitar, made by Julie Weller of Wyoming, Michigan. Really striking, the colors and fabrics she used are wonderful. Next is Around the Garden in Miniature, made by Rebecca Yoder of Bristol, Indiana. It's an original design. My daughter's hand is there to give you an idea of the size of this beauty, the applique work and quilting on this are just amazing.
Here's a little closer view. This incredible miniature quilt is also made by Rebecca Yoder, it's called Shortcut Around the Garden, and is also an original design. I wish I'd had a tape measure with me so I could tell you what the size was.
The quilt below is called Roses for Teresita, by Cathy Safiran of Shipshewana, Indiana.
The mexican rose center honors the real Teresita in
The Hummingbird's Daughter by Luis Alberto Urrea. She gifted the Urreas with a duplicate quilt.
Okay, I know that I gush over every quilt, but this one is really awesome. It's called Touches of the Orient and was made by Jaynette Huff of Conway, Arkansas. The description says, "A guild challenge, an original design and setting with paper foundation, pieced, hand applique, proderie perse, wool and ultra suede leaves, machine quilted on my home machine." Hopefully you'll get to see this one in person someday because photos don't do it justice.
Below is The Church in the Wilderness- A River Runs Through It, made by Martha Snyder of Topeka, Indiana. It's a Piecemakers calendar quilt of churches and covered bridges, with ribbon embroidery and beads. It was up a bit high for me so I couldn't get close up photos too easily, do you think they'd object if I dragged in a stepping stool next year?

It has such wonderful detail work, really a work of art.
This last quilt is called Left-over Passion by Ruth Wilson of Madison, Alabama. She made it from leftover fabrics from another quilt and plans to give it to a grandchild when they marry. It's a treasure.

Look at the quilting on this, wow!
Hope you enjoyed the quilt show. Hopefully next year my daughter will take the pictures, ha!

Monday, July 04, 2011

The beach

One of the great things about living here is Lake Michigan. Here are some photos I took a few days ago when we went over for a walk on the pier at South Haven.

This 'pirate ship' takes people on tours of the lake. I've never been on it, I love walking along the lake but I'm not too keen on going out on a boat in a lake that big. It's fun sitting & watching the boats go past, there are yachts and little inflatable boats and everything inbetween. They used to have big ships that took people on day trips, and one of my great-grandmothers played the bass horn in one of the bands that used to play on one of the ships. I love this photo of all the girls in their fancy dresses and caps. This was probably about 1890. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

Friday, July 01, 2011

2011 Quilt Show, Shipshewana, Indiana

I really have to apologize for the crummy photos, I was just having a bad camera day. Too many of them turned out blurry, and sometimes I only got part of the quilt because I was trying to shoot around people. I hope you can enjoy the quilts anyway!

This is named Austin's Quilt, made by Ruth Wilson of Madison, AL. She made it for her oldest grandson, he'll receive it when he marries or turns 35. Look at that quilting! I know some of you quilters are out there thinking, "I wonder if her grandson would like my granddaughter? Hmmmm..."

This quilt is absolutely delightful, I wish I'd taken shots of every block. Each of these little vignettes is so wonderfully done, it must have taken a lot of time to make, as you can imagine considering how many mini quilts this contains.

I wanted to include the picture above, as blurry as it is, to show these tiny little yo-yos!

The quilt is called American Quilters and their Quilts, made by Rosemary Youngs of Walker, Michigan.

This is the only shot that turned out of this beautiful fan quilt, and I missed getting the label. I believe it's Grandmother's Little Fans by Ruth Wilson. Such great quilting.

This is called Seaside Log Cabin, it was made by Muriel Olenik of Rockford, Illinois and quilted by Marlene Williams. The quilt has 2,047 strips of 1" and 1.5", and there are 140 seven inch blocks. This quilt is so striking & the machine quilting really makes it pop.

My photo of the label on this last quilt wasn't legible. I think it might be Antique Floral Bouquet by Jolene White, but I'm not sure. If anyone knows, please let me know.

I'll share more photos from the quilt show soon~