Monday, July 04, 2011

The beach

One of the great things about living here is Lake Michigan. Here are some photos I took a few days ago when we went over for a walk on the pier at South Haven.

This 'pirate ship' takes people on tours of the lake. I've never been on it, I love walking along the lake but I'm not too keen on going out on a boat in a lake that big. It's fun sitting & watching the boats go past, there are yachts and little inflatable boats and everything inbetween. They used to have big ships that took people on day trips, and one of my great-grandmothers played the bass horn in one of the bands that used to play on one of the ships. I love this photo of all the girls in their fancy dresses and caps. This was probably about 1890. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!


Blogger sewprimitive karen said...

Michigan is so pretty. Amazing matching dresses with that embroidery!

4:06 AM  
Blogger Teresa Kogut said...

Hi Sue! This is Teresa Kogut.....I popped in to let you know that you won my June giveaway!! I tried to email you but for some reason it wouldn't connect so I found your blog......Wow! love all the quilts! You do beautiful work......and you are in Michigan too!

If you could email me at with your address, I will send out your wall hanging next week :) Thanks for entering my giveaway and have a great summer!

11:57 AM  
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