Sunday, August 21, 2011


We're having an amazingly beautiful day here, finally! Even though our van broke down when we went to lunch (fortunately my DH is great at fixing all sorts of things) it was so nice out that it barely put a dent in my great mood. We went to the blueberry farm & got some fresh berries as well as some blueberry turnovers, some blueberry mustard & some local honey.

I've been making some dolls to put on etsy, this is my first Halloween girl. They're fun to work on, and it's a good way to use some of the lace, old buttons & etc. that I've collected over the years.

Isn't this a great basket? It's hard to tell from the photo, but it's big enough to hold a large watermelon. It was hand woven in Ghana, West Africa of elephant grass & the leather on it is made from goat hides. They sell them at the blueberry farm that we visited today. They have a website.

I saw one of those magazines the other day that have artist's studios & one of the women had a bunch of these baskets under a table, full of fabric pieces. Probably a good idea, actually, better than keeping them in plastic bins where the fabric can't breathe.

Hope you're having a good weekend, too!

Monday, August 08, 2011

New doll for Christmas

I just finished this little girl today, already thinking of Christmas! I'm going to do a Halloween doll soon, I guess I'm a little backwards but I thought of these fabrics (Follow Your Heart by Kathy Schmitz for Moda) and I knew they'd be perfect for a little Raggedy Ann style doll.

I tried putting my etsy shop on the sidebar, but I apparently just erased the other things I had on there, hopefully I'll be able to tinker with it and figure it out. I really need a computer tech in the house.

This summer is really making me look forward to fall & winter (I know, when winter is here I'll be longing for spring!). Summer just isn't my favorite season & this one has been yucky. At least it's cooled off a slight bit, but we have such a problem with biting flies and mosquitoes this year that it's hard to spend much time outside. I'm trying different things on the poor dog's ears, they're getting chewed up. Skin So Soft seems to work pretty well, but whatever we use doesn't last too long & they like to be outside a lot. If anyone has suggestions as to what to use for dogs, I'd appreciate any advice.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

I wanted to show you the beautiful wall hanging that I won in a giveaway that Teresa Kogut had recently. As soon as I saw it, it made me think of my daughter, and it just happened to be near her birthday, so that worked out great!
Teresa does all kinds of awesome artwork, so if you haven't seen her stuff you should check out her
blog & follow the links to see some of her art. She also happens to be having another giveaway until the end of August~

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Not a lot going on around here, I've been hiding in the house to keep out of the heat mostly. It's an unusual summer, so many more hot days than usual and a lot of strong storms at night. It's rough out there tonight, I'm hoping my power stays on.
At least I finally got started posting a few things on etsy, I've been wanting to do that for a while. Next I need to figure out how to put a link to my shop in my sidebar, a job for another day. I'm making some more dolls & will be adding some other items, so check back if you get a chance.