Sunday, January 15, 2012


We finally have snow~ I wasn't really looking forward to it, but now that it's here I'm enjoying the beauty of it. It's really cold now, it was 14 degrees last night when I went out to do the fire. It was actually hard to breathe out there, I don't know how people handle it that live in places where it gets below zero. I'm definitely not cut out for that kind of cold! The snow is actually a lot deeper than this photo shows, we've got about a foot of snow out there now.

Now that Christmas is over I wanted to share a couple of the projects I made for the grandkids. I had considered making them from scratch, but I really like the look of these kits, they're very bright & busy with lots of little details (and TONS of sequins and tiny beads!).

I also made this little angel for my daughter. I was going to make more to sell on etsy, but they take so much time that I'm not sure if people would want to pay the price. Just making the wings took a lot of time. That seems to be my problem with making items to sell, I love the little details & spend way too much time making them. I don't want to price things too high, but if I figured out how much I'm making per the time I spend on them, it wouldn't be good. I do enjoy making them, though, and heaven knows I need to use up more of the fabric/lace/beads & etc. that I have around here!
Hope you're all keeping warm & having a good new year~