Tuesday, February 14, 2012


There is actual quilting going on here, finally! This was a $5 block of the month quilt a few years ago at a local quilt shop, I love the Amish look of it. I have so many unfinished projects around here & really need to make an effort to get some things done. I have a terrible habit of wanting to start something new all the time, and Pinterest isn't helping a bit!

Speaking of Pinterest, here's one of the cute ideas I found on there. Such a simple idea & so perfect for a person who sews. I've also been playing around with wool & making some wrist cuffs, they really look a lot better in person, but here's a picture anyway.
I got something pretty awesome today. I was going to buy a kid's easel for my granddaughters & came across this today. Hobby Lobby had it on clearance so it was actually less than most of the kid's easels I've seen. We got a piece of masonite & some clips to put the paper on & I just need to figure out some 'kid friendly' paint cups that will fit on the little shelf. It adjusts so I may even try it out myself.
I found something else that's pretty cool at Goodwill last week. For some reason I'm just fascinated with it. I'm not sure if I made a mistake by cleaning it, but the finish on it was very mottled & dirty looking. The photos emphasize the bad spots, but it actually looks much better than the pics.

I think it may be part silver, it has the numbers 40 stamped on it, but no maker's mark. I'd love to know who made it, what materials they used & why they made it. And how it ended up at Goodwill!


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