Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pie Safe

We've had this pie safe for many years, we found it at a yard sale and fell in love with it. We'd never seen one with the drawers on top like that. The first photo is the condition it was in when we bought it (except for that left drawer that I painted up to see how it would look). I'm not big on removing old paint, but it had already been stripped. and it looked like it was a yucky brown before. I wish I knew how old it was, from the wood on the back it looks pretty old. I always want to know the story behind who made things like this that we find. Some of the wood is pretty rough, it looks like someone made it from different woods that they had around.
I love the paint color, I was thinking of something different but my husband liked this color. I'm really glad I let him choose (for once)! I usually want to make all the decisions about paint colors in the house for some reason, but I need to ask his advice more often, I guess. I did a glaze over the paint to make it look antique and am really happy with how it turned out. This is where most of my quilts and quilt tops are stored, it's perfect because the screens let them have air & the cat can't get in there and sleep on them (though he did manage to climb inside about 5 times when I was painting it!)


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